GDPI Registration
BATCH (2021-2023)
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Section : Choice of Campus, specialization & GD-PI centre
Campus :
ISB&M Programme is Dual Specialization Programme. Select your primary career interest :
Choice of Centre for Group Discussion (GD) & Personal Interview (PI) :
1) I hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Pune court in the event of any dispute. I have carefully noted the rules and process of admission as given in the prospectus which I am required to follow and shall in matters of interpretation, accept the decision given by the Director in this respect as final and binding.
2) I shall conduct myself as per the rules and norms of ISB&M, failing which I shall not approach the Director for any concession in this regard and shall be liable to be debarred from the Institute. Manual of Policies will be provided at the time of admission.
3) I have also read, understood and accepted the code and conduct of the Institute and shall take note of all communications put from time to time.
4) All the information furnished above is true as per my knowledge.